Life Lately: Autumn 2022

What's been going down...

Mosaik Nord + EFG

In my last update I mentioned that my church Mosaik Nord would be moving to a new building. Well, we did and what a process it was. Before the big move we rejoiced at the return of our Gemeindefreizeit (church retreat) after 3 years. It was a great way to connect with each other on a deeper level. At the end of October we celebrated both the launch of Mosaix Academy (an online academy for church-planters), and 3 years in our building before officially handing over the keys.

The move itself was a weeks-long undertaking involving cleaning, painting, organizing, and of course heavy lifting. Together, our congregation moved all our belongings to the new space. We joyously held the first service in our new space at the start of November together with EFG, our new partner church.


During October I flew to Dubrovnik, Croatia for the most intense 10 days of storytelling I have ever done. From the moment I met my colleague at the train station the night before our flight, until we returned, it was go go go! Without a day off and working an average of 13 hours a day (I am not exaggerating), we managed to shoot everything we needed for our five-video project, and then some. Were we crazy to attempt something like that? Most definitely! Only by the grace of God did we finish. It was worth it though because, man, did we gather some great God stories. I urge you to check them out.

This project was a major learning experience for me and hopefully the first of many similar opportunities as our Storytelling Team leans into more video stories. However, maybe not so many videos at once next time. Everything starting with pre-production through the end of post-production lasted several months. Thank you for your prayers. Check out my partner’s vlog for a behind the scenes look at production.

Jam Sesh

Lately I have been pouring myself into music ministry, both inside and outside the church. I led some of the music at the aforementioned Gemeindefreizeit, and just last month during a large worship concert, with three other bands that started on a Friday and ended on Saturday. Unsurprisingly, the Spirit filled the sanctuary powerfully that night.

The other big development is the launch of Jam Sesh, a new group I started for musicians in Frankfurt. God placed a strong desire in my heart to connect musicians (believers and non-believers) with one another. Not just for special events, but to create a space for simply jamming together. This is different from what I and a friend tried in the past. These are much more open and relaxed. God is already working through the group to draw people closer to himself, and I am excited to see how it continues to develop.

Please Pray 

  • Pray for Mosaik Nord in these coming months as we find the new normal with our new partner church.


  • Pray for growth in the music ministry I started and that we can maintain a steady rhythm.


  • Pray for the upcoming GEM-K Winter Conference. At the end of December I will be leading worship for the week and ministering to third-culture kids.


  • Please also pray for more monthly financial partners. I am only $160 short of my goal and with just 3-4 more partners that goal can be achieved.