Life Lately: Summer 2023

ec awkward staff

What's been going down...


Back to back camps

Not a summer has gone by since I moved to Germany in which I have not taken the 90-minute train ride to Wölmersen for English Camp; and it seems to improve every year. This year's theme was "Awkward", hence our silly attire in the photo above. We were slightly understaffed this year, but through the Spirit managed to pull off a great camp. As a veteran, I took on additional responsibilities this summer, including leading a small group, preaching, and even teaching a seminar on art as worship. It was a lot on my plate, but I enjoyed every moment of it.


After an intense week and a half at English Camp, I went directly to Bad Homburg for the GEM-K Summer Conference. Yes, this summer I worked back to back camps. After serving at two GEM-K winter camps, I was ready to try a summer one, which was about twice the size. I was there in a support role, primarily with the worship band. It was great playing bass, especially since I rarely have the opportunity to. It was also great to connect with GEM-K who don't typically attend the Winter Conference. 


What encourages me the most about both groups is the devotion of the participants, students and counselors alike. So many campers return as staff to pass on the wisdom they have acquired. It is the exact description of discipleship with which Paul instructs Timothy. I realized God seemed to have me involved with these summer camps, not just for the teens, but also to serve the young 20-somethings who made up the majority of the staff. I love our staff and am honored to have the opportunity to mentor some of them.    


Visiting California

For the first time in nearly three years, earlier this summer I visited San Diego. I have been able to keep somewhat in touch with a number of people, but for the most part was reconnecting with almost everybody for the first time. I knew that even in 5 weeks, I would not get to see everyone and do all the things on my list, but I was pleased with what God gave me, which was most of it and some unexpected bits. Spending meaningful time with family, friends, and partners in person was a huge blessing and such a joy. My soul was encouraged and if we got-together during my visit, I hope yours was as well. I think I may have even recruited some new workers to the mission. Thank you especially to Horizon Southbay Christian Fellowship, Community Church San Diego, and Bonita Valley Baptist Church for your faithful partnership with me in the gospel and inviting me to share during your services about how together we are making an impact for God's kingdom.

Please Pray 

  •  Praise God that my visa was finally approved

  • Praise God for an incredible summer with both English Camp and GEM-K

  • Pray for me as I settle back into life in Germany after being away for such a long time. 

  • Pray for the GEM Storytelling Team as our team leader transitions out of that role.

  • My flatmate is moving out at the end of October. Pray for wisdom in finding a new one or pursuing other options.
  • Please also pray for more monthly financial partners. I am $200 short of my monthly budgetary need.