Zachary McKay, Global Worker (GEM)

proclaiming the greatness of God in Germany

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I am a native San Diegan with a love for God and passion for serving others. Since 2006 I have served in worship and youth ministries like AWANA, using my talents as an artist and a teacher. I was excited after many short-term trips over the years to join the mission field long-term in 2020 with Greater Europe Mission (GEM).

Together we are striving to reach Europe by multiplying disciples and growing Christ's Church in order to see God expand his kingdom through all peoples of Europe to the world.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany is my base of operations. I lead within my local church Mosaik Nord, collaborate and create with the GEM Storytelling Team, and participate in the larger Focus City effort to share the gospel through connecting with local partners, growing our capacity to serve, and catalyzing movements.

Areas of Focus

  • Storytelling for me is more than creating a stunning video or writing a compelling blog. Those are merely the means to shine a light on God's work in Europe, and tell the story of Europe so that Europeans know the story of Jesus. God is still authoring a magnificient story and it deserves to be told.
  • Everything from leading Kindergottesdienst (children's church) to competing against teenagers in a mud pit; I do it all. Discipling youth is no different than discipling adults. (Okay, maybe a little bit different.)
  • Music is my preferred form of communicating and expressing worship. It is a simple way to declare God's glory and build Christ-like relationships through the natural comradery of shared experience. Either for events or just for fun, I am always ready with a song or five.

Partner with Us

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Did you know that you aren't just partnering with me? Part of the beauty of the Christian church is how interwoven our lives become. I simply love how this is reflected in my work. I have the privilege of working together with some amazing people. From those within my local church in Frankfurt, to GEM colleagues around the globe, together we are proclaiming the good news and making disciples. 

Mosaik Nord

My local place of worship, Mosaik Nord was originally founded in 2011 by former GEM missionary Stephen Beck along with his wife Susan and a handful of his seminary students. Since then, this intercultural model has multiplied across the region in a church-planting movement. I have the honor of serving in numerous ministries.


GEM Storytelling

Writers, photographers, videographers, and creators spanning Europe and North America coming together with a common goal: tell the story of God at work. Discover those stories at gemission.org/blog or follow us on Instagram.

Focus City: Frankfurt

One of four across Europe, within GEM we are directing our multiplicative efforts toward specific strategic hotspots where we can have greater impact. In Frankfurt we are working to increase capacity by engaging the lost, catalyze the lay by encouraging believers, and connect with new people by entering into collaborative partnerships. This is more or less the umbrella under which all my local ministry falls. Nerch is an example of all three processes in action.